Abrasive Cutting Machine



Sr.no. Description Technical Specification
1 Motor 5 HP, Three Phase, 420 V. High Torque Siemens Motor.
2 Electrical Material Siemens relay and contactor, Anchor MCB, Polycab wire.
3 Coolant Pump 0.25 HP, Three Phase.
4 Control Panel

On/Off switch, Illumination On/Off switch,

Emergency Stop switch, Door open Indicator,

Overload Protection, and Separate MCB.

Three phase light indicator for to check proper voltage.

5 Cutting capacity Up to 80 mm solid bar.
6 Job Clamping Sturdy V slotted Jaw vice to clamp a job from both ends.
7 Voice Opening Maximum vice opening is 122 mm.
8 X-Y Movement X-Y movement facility provided
9 X Y Stroke 130 mm X 100 mm
10 Door Lock Safety Door lock is given. Machine will not start, if door is open.