Particle Analysis System - Opticle Base



Specification Description Technical Specification
1 Nosepiece Wide Field Eyepieces 10X (PAIRED)
2 Magnification 50X,100X,200X
3 Illumination LED illumination
4 Motorized stage X,Y

Stepper motors controlled movement

Maximum range: 80 × 60 mm

5 Sample holder Membrane holder is specially designed
6 Sample size

Filter holders with 47 mm membrane diameter.

customized sample holders can be provided

7 Software

Automatic scanning the entire field of filter paper.

Software generate a single image of entire filter paper (size 47mm)

Separation of particles as Metallic, Non-metallic and fiber

Measurement of all the particles for their total number, size, perimeter, area

Distribution Metallic and Non-metallic particles as per their sizes in user defined size classes

8 control of stage XY movement control of stage from PC
9 Imaging device CMOS 5MP color camera